Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grilled Chicken Salad

With the official arrival of spring last week, it is fun to start thinking about uncovering the outdoor grill and longing for a garden full of fresh vegetables. While the garden is still on hold, we fired up the grill this week and dinner was a snap -- Grilled Chicken Salad Bar! 

This is a great way to encourage your family to eat their vegetables and fruit, while enjoying some protein. Look through your veggie crisper and chop up some color. After a few trys, we promise your kids will look forward to this kind of dinner. Our youngest still does not like to mix everything together, but instead prefers neat piles on his plate, but the older ones have come around and they LOVE this meal!
Give a try and enjoy!

Marinate chicken for 60 minutes in your favorite teriyake sauce and grill to perfection
Boil eggs
Slice strawberries
Chop broccoli
Chop carrots
Slice tomatoes
Slice cucumbers
Add some croutons
Drizzle your favorite dressing (we like Brianna's Poppyseed)
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