Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

When Healthy Meets Indulgence!

At SavvyGirl ,we definitely have a thing for Strawberries and it's been a few years since we last posted about our favorite Valentine's Day Treat.

So, this year we wanted to remind you of how easy it is to make this beautiful decadence.  They will definitely bring a smile to your sweeties when they come home from school and friends or neighbors will go crazy when a small plate of these show up on their doorstep!

Buy your strawberries, wash them, pat dry and then melt your favorite chocolate and then dip away!  Get a little creative by putting vanilla chocolate into a baggie, cut the corner and drizzle drizzle for a a little extra pizazz!
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Savvy said...

I LOVE Strawberries in chocolate!! yummy!