Monday, June 15, 2009

On the Road this Summer?

It's Summertime and if you are traveling by Car, Plane or Train, here is a fun snack idea that is great for the whole family! In our family, it's known as GORP and it goes way back to our days at Flaming Gorge.

GORP starts with Fruit Loops, M & M's, Peanuts, Marshmellows, Pretzels and Raisins -- this is the base and then just add in any of your other favorite snacks or cereal. We still make this fun snack for camping excursions, road trips and it will keep your kids, big and little very busy.

I had to show Red Vines, because that is must for me on every road trip. Happy Safe and fun Travels this Summer!!!

Feel free to share what is a must on your trips!