Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rainbow Jello! A little Dazzle to your Plate!

If you some extra time and want to make up something special for your family, here is a completely cute dessert loaded with lot's of beautiful color!

1 3 oz. pkg. lemon jello
1 3 oz. pkg. lime jello
1 3 oz. pkg. orange jello
1 3 oz. pkg. strawberry jello
1 1/3 cup sour cream

Dissolve jello (one flavor at a time and in order) into 1 cup hot (almost) boiling water and stir until dissolved. Divide this mixture in half (approximately 5 oz. liquid poured into glass measuring cup and 5 oz. left in sauce pan). Add 3 tablespoons cold water to the 5 oz. in measuring cup and place in 8 x 10 dish (or similar size). Set until firm in fridge. To the other half in saucepan, add 1/3 cup sour cream and whisk together. Pour onto layer one (which is firm). Set again. Continue this process until all 4 flavors are used. You will have eight layers.